Who We Are

The mission  of Aba Steel House is to deliver the highest quality products to our clients with FRAMECAD COLD FORMED STEEL  that meets the highest green certified standards control. We believe our talented and motivated employees are the way to accomplishing our goals and to provide outstanding training and investment for the employees' capacitation.

Minimalist design living 

Our highly qualified experts will explain the simplicity  and functional models .

 The design concept is simplistic and open. It incorporates  involves  energy flows into the space. Minimalist design  increase energy flows, energy focus  and  harmony We believe that design that incorporate energy flows are essential for modern living. 

Aba Steel House

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Aba Steel House

Why Aba Steel House

Our vision is to participate in the construction market in South Florida with projection to South and Central America. To expand our production capacities with our end products to meet the requirements and develop construction demand in the Region for the Cold  Formed Steel market.

Our minimalist houses models

Aba house A1

Modulo A1

Smart  Architectural Design

This Modulo Allows to grow from 1-bed 2 Bath 800 SQ FT  to 4 Bedrooms 3 Bath 1600 SQ FT  

Modulo A2

Architectural  Smart Design   

"Smart architecture   maybe comprehensively defined as a blend of passive and active technological and architectural strategies that harness computationally networked, globally connected, complex-adaptive and real-time responsiveness so as to form a co- evolutionary whole with the inhabitants."  **** 



4 Bedrooms , 3 1/2  Bathrooms , Den,  1,900  Sq. Ft.

Modern or contemporary design doesn't refer to a specific period of time— You can expect to see different materials including nickel, steel and chrome combined with natural textures like hemp or steel ***


Our Duplex  Model

Our Townhouses Model

 Our Townhouses model

4 Bedrooms,  3 Bathrooms,  1,800 Sq. Ft.

Minimalist  Lifestyle  the Tiny houses

 Tiny Smart  Houses Characteristics:


    Modern Designs

    Minimalist Green Architecture

    Suitable for Solar Energy

    Expandable: Module B Adds 2 Bedrooms

    Intelligent Design

    Ecological Concept

    Energy Savings, up to 70%

    Materials Isolate Noise

    Resistant to Hurricane Winds

    Rolled Steel Structure

Aba house Tiny House

Aba Steel 1-A

2 Beds,  1 1/2 Baths, 88  M2    -880 SQ FT

Designed for a family's of 4, for sale is a beautifully decorated, modern 2 bedroom and 1 + 1/ 2 bathroom .

This House can  has a large wrap  module of 2  bedrooms + 1 bathroom , available  for the family's future  expansion.

Aba Steel  2 -A 

3 Beds, 2  - 1 1/2 , Baths,  110 m²- 1100  SQ FT

Designed for a family's of 6, for sale is a beautifully  design, modern 3bedroom and 1 + 1/ 2 bathroom .

This House can  has a large wrap  module of 2  bedrooms + 1 bathroom , available  for the family's future  expansion.


3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,200 Sq. Ft.

Designed for a family of 4. It is a one floor minimalist house of   contemporary design. It has  3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

This house has a large wrap around backyard and  an open kitchen space.

Aba House Model  1-3 


4 Bedrooms, 2   Bathrooms,  1600   Sq. Ft.

Designed for a family of 6. It is a one floor minimalist contemporary design house. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

Aba Steel House 1-4

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