Our Tiny House Framecad Structure  kit

      2 Bedrooms - 1 -1/2  Bathrooms   888 SQ FT 

Affordable  Tiny Homes , Viable solution for the  Generation Z  and Millenniums 

Aba house  Tiny  1-A

Phone: 305-776-6106  abasteelhouse@gmail.com

1.1/2 -2. 1/2





Aba Tiny House  2-A

No thermites , No Mold  , Energy Saver, Solar Energy available , Intelligent system available 

Finding affordable houses is a  challenge , Check our  Steel  Framed structure kit  available for Developer and Constructor. 

The Tiny  Living Room  look 

The Tiny  kitchen Look

Modern and functional kitchen

Choosing  a kitchen can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of the style you like. it is best to keep the desing clean and simple.

Our Bathrooms by  Roca products selection.

The  Master Bathroom look by Roca Products. 

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Minimalist   Models Structure  kits  available .

Minimalist design  increases energy flows , energy focus  and harmony  .We believe that  design   that incorporate energy flows are essential for modern living.

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